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The Naples Bank Note Company™ was founded by a successful security paper executive who realized that existing bank note companies lacked focus, new product innovation, and creative genius, he set in motion a mission to develop a company that delivers the desired products for collectors and the potential of "giving something back" to charitable and non-profit organizations.

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"The Mission of the company is to help charities raise funds more successfully by using Banknote Art™". We partner with charities and institutions to utilize banknote design techniques and old world craftsmanship engravings in order to create a new and innovative art form. We call this art form - Banknotables™.
Banknotables can be produced as an art piece, to be displayed on your wall; or as a note, similar to a banknote. Banknotables are always "currency - like" in design and commemorate "Notable" personalities, events or organizations.
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