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Banknote Art™ is unique, imaginative banknote designs resembling real currency which commemorate Historical Events, Organizations, Historical Places or Notable Personalities. Banknote Art™ is a highly prized collectible, produced in limited editions. These artistic graphic designs combine state of the art modern print techniques while capturing the detailed beauty of "old world craftsmanship engraving". Unique overt and covert security features guarantee authenticity and increase the value of the Banknote Art™ as a collectible.
All Banknote Art™ is designed by award winning banknote artist Christopher McCauley. Engravings include works by world renowned engraver Richard Baratz, one of a select group of engravers in the world today.
All Banknote Art™pieces are double matted and suitable for framing. Standard sizes are 11" x 14" and 16" x 20". Prints can be Limited Editions. All Banknote Art™ is printed on Special Security Paper made exclusively for Naples Bank Note Company and Atlantic Paper Company, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. This guarantees authenticity.

We can Custom design your Banknote Art™ for use as a fundraising tool!
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