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Our One Million Euro Commemorative Note is NOT LEGAL TENDER and has no value except to collectors.  Some of our notes have been compromised to eliminate the word "Not" in front of "Legal Tender" so as to indicate that the note is valuable and cashable by banks or the Naples Bank Note Company.  Furthermore, the notes have had text added in order to promise value of the notes.  These notes are readily identifiable as fradulent.  Naples Bank Note Company designs and issues Commemorative Notes to commemorate events, personalities or institutions.  Our notes have NO VALUE, except to collectors.
One Million Euro Banknotables?Press Sheets
(Individual Banknotables are sold out and no longer available)
 A limited quantity of Press Sheets of
One Million Euro Banknotables.  Don't miss out
on this unique one-of-a-kind collectible!
Sheet size is 26" x 24.75" / 28 notes per sheet.  These are original press run sheets complete with color bars and invisible inks, printed front and back.  The sheets were sent through an 8 color Heidelberg press 3 times for offset printing; a De la Rue Giori press once for intaglio printing; and a numbering press once.  Sheets are consecutively numbered.  These are true collectors items, and once they are sold out, they will be gone forever just like the Million Euro single notes.  Specially priced at $99.95 while supplies last!

Unique features include: Limited Edition, Consecutive numbering–no two sheets are the same.  Excellent art piece when framed, Special banknote paper with security thread, Contains over 30 security features (some of which have never been used in circulation)

Only 1,000 sheets (28 notes per sheet) remain to be sold.  Once these are gone, there will be no more! 

Currently Unavailable
Banknotables Press Sheets
Full Sheet (28) consecutively numbered - Shipping & Handling $2.95 (US only)

(Individual Banknotables are sold out and no longer available)
Engraving Details          Security Features
Certificate of Authenticity
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