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We Can Custom Design Your Banknote Art™!

Banknotables has established a program to assist firefighters with fundraising. Here is how the program works. Your organization or unit submits its logo to Naples Bank Note Company. The Naples Bank Note Company will then create 5 sample pieces of the "Our Everyday Heroes" Banknote Art™ (11" x 14") with the name of your unit or organization to the left bottom side of the Banknote Art™ piece.

These samples can then be used by your organization or unit as sales material for the fundraising. These pieces can be offered to businesses, individuals or even the firemen themselves in an effort to raise funds. We suggest the sale price of $60 - $100 for each of these pieces.

Once the fundraising campaign is over, your organization will submit its order to the Naples Bank Note Company at a rate of $30 a piece. Now your organization has raised a handsome amount of money for itself and has provided a keep sake for your community to cherish everyday.

Banknotables currently has a patent pending on Banknote Art™ and Banknotables™ to be used for fundraising.

For additional information on how your organization can benefit from the use of this unique fundraising tool, please contact:

Robert Bednar
The Naples Banknote Company

Banknote Art™ & Banknotables™... Helping Others!
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