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The Intimidator Banknote Art™
Folder Art™ and Banknotables™
NOTE:  Banknote Art™ and Folder Art™ as shown below, 
available while supplies last.
"You've captured the spirit of this legend..." - S. Drury, MI.
Banknote Art™ T-Mat Design - The Intimidator Style #1
An exquisite work of art to honor the accomplishments of the greatest NASCAR driver who ever lived. Designed and printed by The Naples Bank Note Company with the exclusive permission of Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
Overall size 11" x 14", this Banknote Art™ is elegantly double-matted and ready for framing, with special Security Features to Guarantee Authenticity.  Keep the memory of "The Intimidator" alive in your office or home!. 
Enlarged Image          Engraving Details
Banknote Art™ Limited Time Special Offer
The Intimidator 11" x 14" Matted Art - 
Plus $2.95 Shipping & Handling 
$ 9.95
Back - Enlarged Image
Folder Art™
Folder Art™ features The Intimidator in a medium weight folder that is suitable for display on a table, shelf, fireplace, etc.   Folder is navy blue with gold trim and is also suitable for framing.  Free Shipping & Handling.
Size is 12" x 10" and comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
Folder Art™ Limited Time Special Offer
The Intimidator 12" x 10" Folder Art - 
Plus $2.95 Shipping & Handling
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