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Jimmy Buffett Banknotables™
Limited Quantities, so act NOW!
"...a great design commemorating one of America's most popular 
and beloved entertainers..."
- D. Watkins, N.C.
This limited edition Banknotable™ features Jimmy Buffett, one of America's most beloved entertainers.  This is a one-of-a-kind collectible that is not available anywhere else.  This unique collectible contains many banknote security features such as:  Numerous Hidden Microtext imprints, A unique serial number that commemorates Jimmy's seaplane which crashed August 25, 1994, Fine line Guilloche Tints which are difficult to reproduce, Sun graphic designed to register front to back on the note, Printed on special banknote paper which contains both visible and invisible fibers, as well as a micro printed fluorescent thread, and much more.
Enlarged Front           Engraving Detail

Enlarged Back
We can Custom design your Banknote Art™ for use as a fundraising tool!
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