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Joe Paterno Banknote Art™
NOTE:  We currently have available - Joe Paterno Banknotables™ and Banknote Art™ Pieces as shown below, while supplies last.
"Now I will never forget this great coach..." - B. VonDerHiede, PA.
In honor of Coach Joe Paterno's 324 wins, Naples Bank Note Company has created a design which will truly be special to Penn State fans of all ages. Printed on our special security paper, this print shows vivid colors and a world famous design of our banknote team. The Paterno Banknote Art™ piece is 11 x 14 inches large and comes double matted and ready for framing and display.

This beautiful Banknote Art™ piece was designed by Naples Bank Note Artist Christopher McCauley and includes a variety of notable facts and figures hidden in the design. Joe Pa's image was done by Richard Baratz, Naples Bank Note's premier engraver.

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Banknote Art™ Limited Time Special Offer
Joe Paterno 324 Wins 11" x 14" Matted Art - T-Mat Style, $2.95 Flat Rate Shipping & Handling (regardless of quantity)
$ 9.95
Banknotables™ Limited Time Special Offer
Joe Paterno 324 Wins Banknotables™, Includes Free Shipping & Handling

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