Matri-Money Makes Wedding Guests Millionaires!

 Naples, FL (January 23, 2003) -- This Saturday a Phila. charity called ?A Million for Us ?unveils a unique commemorative thank you note which was created by the Naples Bank Note Company. The purpose of the notes are to help raise money for scholarships for emerging artists. The latest and coolest in appreciation gifts has been unveiled by the Florida based company who normally designs and issues commemorative ?money ?to help charities. The Thanks a Million ?Note ?is designed to do double duty as a Thank you gift to willing donors; as well as a pleasant reminder of the kindness and appreciation of the donor. 

The design is by noted Banknote artist Christopher McCauley. The Thank You ?Note ?looks and feels like money ! Rasheen Cooper, of the Royal Treatment on Haverford Ave., found NBNC and suggested the idea. Bob Bednar, CEO of NBNC, was so impressed with what the goal of the group, that he donated the design and production costs and also provided a number of art pieces as well. ?I was so impressed with Ms. Cooper’s association with emerging artists and the idea of helping them raise One Million Dollars ?says Bednar, ? that we are considering offering the design to charities.?nbsp;

With a Million Thanks as the main theme, the note is printed on genuine currency paper, complete with security features normally found in banknotes. The Thanks a Million ?Notes ?and Art can be custom imprinted with the names of any organization or group and a message on the back. 

Naples Bank Note Company issues commemorative banknotes called ?Banknotables ? All products NAPLES, Fla., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- For centuries people have gone to extraordinary lengths to make their weddings exciting, memorable events.  With this in mind, The Naples Bank Note Company developed an unusual wedding favor or the bride and groom to pass along.  It is the "wedding million" which conveys upon the recipients the status of "millionaire."

This note recently issued by Naples Bank Note holds nothing back.  "It is
designed to look and feel exactly like real money," says company president Robert Bednar.  "It is designed with the care and precision of a real banknote including engraving and special security features to prevent counterfeiting.  Presented to wedding guests and participants in the wedding, it is a distinctive memento that is not likely to be discarded or thrown away," Bednar says.

The special note is approximately the size of a U.S. dollar bill and is
printed in a golden color, front and back, on authentic banknote security
paper.  The note is issued in both English and Spanish languages and is
available in a generic version, a personalized version and as a special,
double-matted presentation package that is suitable for framing.

Bednar is a security paper consultant and counterfeiting expert who has
spent many years in his field, providing security paper to such firms as the New York Stock Exchange, and to government agencies.  Also serving on the staff of Naples Bank Note are Christopher McCauley, noted banknote designer and Richard Baratz, one of the few remaining banknote engravers in the U.S.

The company's two main product lines are "Banknotables(TM)", which are currency-style art works that look and feel like real money, and "Banknote Art?" The company issues these products to commemorate special historical events, individuals and institutions.  The first Banknotable(TM) issued by Naples Bank Note Company was the One Million Euro, to commemorate the issuance of the Euro as official currency within the 15-member European Union.  Since that time it has issued numerous other Banknotables(TM) honoring sports figures, universities, hero action characters and firefighters to name a few.

The "wedding million" note costs $1.99 each when purchased as a wedding favor package, and is also available in a customized version on the company's website at from NBNC come with a certificate of authenticity. For more information on Banknote Art, see the company web site at 

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