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Penn State Banknote Art?/font>
NOTE:  We currently have available - Penn State Million Banknotables?and Banknote Art?Pieces as shown below. 
Order today and get yours while supplies last.
"They look & feel like Real Money !" - L. Libidinsky, FL.
Banknote Art?T-Mat Design - Penn State Style #1
Banknote Art?T-Mat Design - Penn State Style #2
This Banknote Art?Piece is Signed & Numbered
Unique design featuring face and back of Penn State Million in "T" shaped design is the ultimate collectible for alumni and supporters of Penn State University. This limited edition Banknote Art?is double matted and ready for framing. 
The overall design of the piece was done by renowned bank note designer Christopher McCauley. 

Hidden in the design of the Penn State Million are notable Penn State facts. Some of the prominent features of this Banknote Art?are: Unique Note Design—it cannot be turned upside down! Eight sets of Paw Prints are Hidden on Face. Vignette of the Nittany Lion by Richard Baratz, world famous engraver. Penn State Shield, Seal, and Logos are prominent throughout design on face and back. Color scheme utilizes the Penn State colors: Blue & White.

Enlarged Image          Engraving Details
Banknote Art?nbsp;
Style # 1 - Special Closeout Offer
Style No. 1, Penn State 11" x 14" Matted Art - T-Mat Style - $2.95 Shipping & Handling
$ 9.95
Banknote Art?/font>
Style # 2 - Special Closeout Offer
Style No. 2, Penn State 11" x 14" Matted Art, Signed and Numbered - Square Mat Style
$2.95 Shipping & Handling
$ 9.95
Banknotables? Limited Time Special Offer
Penn State Million Banknotables? $2.95 Flat Rate Shipping & Handling (regardless of quantity)
$ 12.95
Back - Enlarged Image
Folder Art?/font>
Folder Art?features The Intimidator in a medium weight folder that is suitable for display on a table, shelf, fireplace, etc.   Folder is navy blue with gold trim and is also suitable for framing.  Free Shipping & Handling.
Size is 12" x 10" and comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
Another Special Closeout Offer
Penn State 12" x 10" Folder Art - $2.95 Flat Rate Shipping & Handling (regardless of quantity)
$ 14.95
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