One Million Euro Collectible Currency
?Looks and Feels Like a Million Bucks

 Naples, FL (January 24, 2002) -- Today, The Naples Bank Note Company, owner of, announces the launch of its limited edition collectible One Million Euro to commemorate the Euro’s adoption in 2002. The new and innovative art form, called banknotables? looks and feels like real currency and boasts over 30 paper security features. As a collectible, the security features provide owners and dealers proof of authenticity and value. 

Bob Bednar, paper security expert and CEO of The Naples Bank Note Company (NBNC) said, “As an American company I am proud to offer such a unique, one-of-a-kind commemorative banknotable. Collectors, as well as persons of European Heritage, will want this unique and outstanding remembrance of European Unity. It is the hope that European bankers, financial institutions and government officials will also take advantage of the Million Euro as valuable memorabilia.?nbsp;

The One Million Euro was created to represent a major milestone in Europe’s long and colorful past. Designed by world-famous and award-winning banknote artist Christopher McCauley, the One Million Euro is a marriage of the individual national flags and a symbol of unity, while printed on specially made banknote security paper. “If you didn’t know a million Euro banknote existed, you would think our commemorative was real,?said Bednar. 

Bednar adds, “There’s no mistaking the One Million Euro as real. The European Central Bank doesn’t issue notes above 500. How amazing to be able to own a limited edition Euro capturing the historical significance of a once in a lifetime event that looks and feels just like real currency.?nbsp;

Each One Million Euro is consecutively numbered and printing was limited to 150 thousand. A certificate of authenticity and a story behind the project accompanies them. The One Million Euro Banknotables are printed on special security paper and include such features as: intaglio printing, invisible inks, visible and invisible fibers, chemical sensitivity, secret hidden images and more. The Banknotable also has a special micro-printed thread with other security features. The One Million Euro retails for $19.95 and can be purchased at 

The Naples Bank Note Company is based in Naples, Florida. The Million Euro is among commemorative issues such as the ?Firefighters Banknote Art piece; and the Worcester 6 Art piece. 

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