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Donald Miller - Pittsburg, PA - "Banknotables has taken an underused phenomenon -- fine engraving similar to United States Treasury standards -- and created a refined and elegant form of art. In the process the firm has added dignity to the needs of its charitable clients."

Donald Miller, retired art and architecture critic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is a Naples Daily News contributor. and author/co-author of 5 books on art & architecture. 

Louis Traina - Internationl College's vice president of institutional advancement - "I was just amazed when I saw them. The security on these is far superior than our actual currency. I know it's got my name in there somewhere, I just haven't found it yet. I think I need a magnifying glass"

Robert Leuver - former Director of the United States Bureau of Engraving & Printing - "These Banknotables are incredible in their design & security "

Cliff Schlosser - NJ - As a paid professional FireFighter, my attention was immediately drawn to the "Everyday Heroes Note".Being sceptical to order,I took a chance......And WOW!!! These notes are AMAZING.The details and workmanship are unnoticeable at first but everytime I look at it I see something new. Great Job and a Great Value !

Donald L. MacKay - Frankfort, IL - "As a financial advisor and a collector of fine prints and art, I like both the new Eurodollar and the tribute to the thousands of Firefighters banknotables. For many decades, stock certificates have provided the ultimate melding of art and commerce with their highly decorative typography and kaleidoscopic borders. The face of the banknotables like that of the stock certificates of decades past, represents the highest level of the engraver's art --- A truly vanishing art form...... 
I feel your Banknote art is of the Highest calibre and look forward to many more issues."

A.M. van der Laan - Netherlands - "As soon as I read an article in the local newspaper that told me there were some nice "One Million Euro" Banknotes, I surfed the web like a maniac.
When I finally found I ordered a set of 3 "One Million Euro" Banknotes. It's a nice piece for decorating walls in your house and it can be a nice gift for special occasions. I don't know how Banknotables did it, but the shipping looked like a money transaction."


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