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Our One Million Euro Commemorative Note is NOT LEGAL TENDER and has no value except to collectors.  Some of our notes have been compromised to eliminate the word "Not" in front of "Legal Tender" so as to indicate that the note is valuable and cashable by banks or the Naples Bank Note Company.  Furthermore, the notes have had text added in order to promise value of the notes.  These notes are readily identifiable as fradulent.  Naples Bank Note Company designs and issues Commemorative Notes to commemorate events, personalities or institutions.  Our notes have NO VALUE, except to collectors.

Banknotables?/b> are meticulously designed art pieces for collectors resembling real currency and commemorating international currencies, historical events, notable institutions or organizations and personalities from around the world, and featuring the detailed beauty of old world engraving. 

The One Million Euro Banknotables?/b>, for example, were created to commemorate issuance of the Euro as official currency within the 15 nation European Union, effective January, 2002. 

Banknotables?/b> contain numerous security features—more than are found in the world's leading currencies—allowing for authentication and enhanced collectible value. 

These elegant works of art are created exclusively for the Naples Bank Note Company by Christopher McCauley and Richard Baratz, world famous bank note designers.

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